Mathis Dance Studios offers selected students the opportunity to perform as soloists or in a group at various competitions and dance festivals.

Our Mathis Dance Studios competition teams are for students who demonstrate talent and are performing at a high standard in class.

Competition teams are a fantastic way for students who are seeking more performance opportunities and to:

  • Gain stage presence and performance skills
  • Work as part of a team
  •  Improve confidence
  • Learn how to pick up choreography quickly
  • Expand knowledge of dance steps and movements


Competitions are a lot of fun, and require an extra level of commitment from both the students and parents.  Our Mathis Dance Studios competition teams compete at 2 - 3 competitions throughout the year on weekends and sometimes during school holidays.

All participants must be taking 2 dance classes in ballet and jazz to be considered for the group. Students attend one additional competition team class where students work on their routines as well as extension work on leaps, turns and kicks etc.

Competition teams are divided into ages:

Mini – Rubies

Youth – Emeralds and Topaz

Junior – Sapphires

Open (Age 13 and over) – Diamonds


Mathis Dance Studios currently perform ballet, jazz and contemporary routines in each competition team age group.

There are additional costs associated with being involved in a competition team and these will be discussed with you if your child is invited to join a competition team. There is also the opportunity to travel to the National or World Championships to compete (dependant on age group).

Mathis Dance Studios has been highly successful in dance competitions over the years, placing in almost every genre. We are always proud of our students, not only for their dancing and success but for their team spirit, sportsmanship, professionalism and sociability.



To be selected as part of the Mathis Dance Studios Competition Group, selected students who exhibit potential for our competition teams are invited to audition.

On the audition day, dancers will partake in a 45 minute class, where they are taught a ballet or jazz dance routine. Dancers will then perform the audition piece in groups for the selectors.

After all auditions are complete, the selectors will make their decision on who will join the competition team and parents of these students will be invited to attend an information meeting. After this meeting, a rehearsal schedule will be created. 

Remember, this is a fun process. Selectors are looking for potential talent and dancing ability, not your ability to perfect the audition piece. Students will receive their placement only through the audition process.