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Welcome to the official Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy.

Mathis Dance Studios is a proud international partner studio of the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy for pre-school girls and boys aged 2 – 5 ½ years.

Our Boppin Tots (age 2 - 3) and Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy (age 3 - 4 and age 4 - 5 ½) ballet classes are a nurturing and fun way to introduce children to the world of dance and performance!

At the heart of our Angelina Ballerina dance tuition is a story-based program focused on creating a friendly atmosphere for the beginner dancer. The curriculum blends ballet basics and creative movement following the adventures of Angelina and her friends with inspiring music, singing, activities and story telling.


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Internationally renowned teachers and child development experts have carefully crafted the Angelina Ballerina Academy curriculum to develop a child’s dance skills and love of dance through growth of motor and social skills, along with expression, confidence and dance ability.  

Understanding how a child processes information is key to Mathis Dance Studios providing an early childhood dance program that offers a safe, effective, developmentally appropriate and fun environment for young dancers to explore their creativity.

Students listen as teachers read about Angelina attending a school for the performing arts. It's at school where Angelina tells the tale of working hard to reach her goals and learning from her mistakes.

The program teaches beginner ballet at two age levels using Angelina Ballerina’s animated voice to guide students through their movements. Each term features a different creative theme.

Angelina Ballerina Dance classes Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios


Through the knowledge of how a child develops cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially, the Angelina Ballerina curriculum provides structure within creative movement.    It is well documented that student participants of dramatic arts have improved emotional, physical and cognitive functioning.*

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Angelina Ballerina Dance classes Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios Sammie Barker


The moment our Angelina Ballerina studio doors open, the magic begins! Miss Sammie, Miss Bella, Miss Danii and Miss Lyndsay gain so much enjoyment from introducing your child to their very first ballet steps and fostering a love of dance.

Our qualified and caring teachers love building special relationships with our littlest dancers, with the goal of gently nurturing their development and creativity. Many of our current students in the older classes started their dancing right here as Angelina Ballerinas, so we see the benefits of how our dancers develop!

Each week is based on a different Angelina Ballerina story where we select exercises, steps to learn, expressive movements and partner work to develop your child’s confidence and personality through dance.

By following a recognised curriculum, our teachers work on increasing concentration, co-ordination, listening skills, following instruction and inspiring social interaction, with a lot of fun added in!

Each year our Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy teachers receive ongoing training and support to ensure teachers are well educated on how to use the curriculum to achieve the best student results.

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Our little Angelina Ballerina students love to dress up in their ballet attire and will love coming to class in their special Angelina Ballerina uniform. We include a free pair of Angelina mousey ears too!

We see the importance of learning early on that how you dress for your class is an important part of a ballet lesson. We therefore ask all our students to wear their Angelina Ballerina uniform after their second week.

Hair is worn neatly in a tidy ballet bun, allowing them to dance freely, just like Angelina!

The uniform is available to purchase from our onsite shop. 


Each class includes:

  • Angelina Ballerina story time
  • Dance etiquette
  • Warm up exercises
  • Lesson plan (technique training, skill development and creative movement)
  • Song and Dance 
  • Goodbye activities (participation stickers and courtesy)

Our young dancers receive an activity sheet, stickers for participation and certificates of achievement as they progress throughout the year. Competitions are not held at this age/level.

After graduating from Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy Level 2 classes, your child can move onto Pre-Primary level ballet.


As a student of the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy at Mathis Dance Studios, your child will have the opportunity to perform onstage at our annual concert held at the St Bede's Performing Arts Venue towards the end of Term 4.

Each year, our teachers, students and parents help bring together a story to life with use of wonderful costumes, props, lighting and music.

It is an amazing experience for your child to perform in front of an audience in a costume, with some make-up.  This builds confidence in our students as they learn to combine dance, drama, singing and expression to portray their character. Excitement levels and smiles are big on this day as they perform with their dance friends on stage!



Our presentation day is held after our annual concert and is a very special opportunity for all our Angelina students to meet Angelina Ballerina and be presented with a certificate and medallion.  Best of all, we have a stupendously fun time dancing with Angelina herself!

Meet Angelina Ballerina Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios


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Angelina Ballerina Dance classes Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios
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